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Welcome to the Saint Joseph School (SJS) website in Bronxville, New York! We invite you to come and see for yourself, “Why Saint Joe’s?” It is the ideal school for your child. The reasons are plentiful. We have it all, and we are here for all! SJS is conveniently located just minutes from the Bronx River and Sprain Parkways.

We at SJS are actively acknowledge that Jesus Christ is The Reason for Our School. Our strengths lie in our increased enrollment, diverse families, and student body. SJS is committed to developing our precious students to achieve their personal best so that each one grows into a successful person of integrity. Here at SJS, we embrace our human uniqueness and cultivate multiple intelligences; our focus is on developing the whole person as we foster Catholic Identity, Service to Others, Academic Excellence, and Social-Emotional and Physical Well-Being. Driven by the Archdiocese of New York’s Pathways to Excellence, we are “Future-Focused” while celebrating a Legacy of Tradition.

Our Mothers’ Club and Men’s Clubs support SJS’ goals and provide a depth of resources for an enriched curriculum through a multitude of opportunities for hands-on service projects and immersion in the arts, technology, trips, and in-person and remote visits from vetted professionals to address a variety of religious, academic, and social goals.

Centered in the fundamentals of our Catholic Faith and Sacrament Preparation, Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, the Writing Process, Mathematical Thinking, Reasoning and Calculations, Scientific Inquiry and the Scientific Method, Geography, Social Studies and History, Physical Education, Music, Graphic Arts and so much more!

Cutting-edge Catholic Parish Elementary School-our Computer Science Program-“CS at SJS” is second-to-none; our students are fluent in Coding, Website Design, Block Programming, and Graphic Art through Computers. Our students learn not only how to use technology but how to develop the technology.

Our unique GEMs Program (God, Emotions, and Mindfulness) provides REMOTE, CONFIDENTIAL AND INDIVIDUALIZED SUPPORT to any student or family who may benefit from assistance with all aspects of social/emotional functioning or learning. We instituted this enhancement to respond to the pandemic as we proactively anticipated the need for additional support.

SJS’s small class size allows for Progress Monitoring and Differentiated Instruction. Our attention to data analysis allows for Individual Learning Pathways for our students. While  incorporating many computer-based Blended Learning experiences in all curricula, including The Learning Odyssey, IXL, Language Nut, Pearson Online, Fast Forward, and others.

We offer Spanish, taught by a native speaker, in Grades K-8; our students excel in their ability to listen fluently, speak, read and write.

SJS is located on a green, lush campus, nestled in the peaceful Village of Bronxville.

Our Best in Class Committee 2020 spearheaded a $750,00 Renovation, including a TRAC (Technology, Reading, Art, and Computer) Center and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Laboratory. State-of-the-Art Facility provides a pristine, modern learning environment with upgrades such as Promethean Boards, LED Lighting, and air conditioning.

Our constant drive to improve and innovate is a direct response to requests from our school community-we value our partnership with parents, our children’s first teachers. We are here to listen, collaborate and deliver a first-class education to your child. Join us at our School of Innovation, rooted in a Tradition of Catholic Values and Academic Excellence.