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At Saint Joseph School, a United States Blue Ribbon School, 2010, in alignment with the The Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of New York Pathways to Excellence Plan, we embrace high educational standards and have demonstrated outstanding academic performance, as demonstrated by standardized testing, Archdiocese Testing, and our 8th Graders admissions and scholarships to highly competitive Catholic High Schools.

Our Middle School students in Grades 5th through 8th participate in a program of Departmentalized Classes for English Language Arts, Math, Religion, Science and Social Studies.

We acknowledge that as a community, we are responsible for preparing our youngsters to be successful for life.  "...the Archdiocese has been proactive in embracing The Common Core Learning Standards, a single set of clear, consistent learning expectations in English Language Arts and Mathematics designed to help prepare students college and career success." At SJS, academic excellence is surpassed only by our commitment to our Catholic identity. At SJS, our highly skilled teachers are prepared for successfully teaching students who have a wide range of needs. We are proficient at informal and formal assessment and consistently adjust our instruction based upon data-driven information.