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Assessment at Saint Joseph School is a natural process; as teachers are engaging our students, formative assessment is occurring-simply put, are the students able to demonstrate mastery of the content or skill in which they are emerged? 

In addition, in alignment with The Archdiocese of New York and NYS Standards, students are formally assessed. Three times annually, our Kindergarten through 8th grade students participate in computer-based assessment by taking Monitoring Academic Progress (MAP) Tests in Language, Reading, and Mathematics.  The data is analyzed and used to drive instructional practices. This year's MAP testing data indicated that our students made growth in all areas evaluated. In addition, our 3rd through 8th Grade students participate in the NYS Assessment Program which evaluates English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science. Most of our 8th Grade students participated in 9th Grade Algebra 1, and all of them passed the NYS Regents, many with flying colors. Our cutting-edge 5th Graders braved Computer-Based Testing to participate in their NYS English Language Arts Assessment; thanks to our preparedness, these students took their tests on our ChromeBook Computers, a first in the history of NYS Assessments.

We at SJS are proud of our accomplishments on standardized assessments, and are continually striving to raise the bar even higher.