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Classroom & SCience Lab Dedication Opportunities-$35,000.00-$125,000.00

Donors who choose the Renewal of an Existing Classroom, the New Pre-Kindergarten Classroom, the New Kindergarten Classroom or the Science Lab Dedication Opportunity will be honored with a 24" by 10" commemorative plaque to be displayed on the classroom door. Everything in gold on the picture below is raised and will be bronze colored. The plaques were designed by by Masterwork Plaques Inc. in Hastings-On-Hudson, New York.

The Classroom Dedication Opportunity is available for $35,000.00. The New Pre-Kindergarten Classroom and the Kindergarten Classroom Dedication Opportunity are each available for $75,000.00. The Science Lab Dedication Opportunity is available for $125,000.00*. Please fill out the form below and e-mail if you are interested in this dedication opportunity!

Dedication Opportunities Form

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