Uniform Policy

Your Saint Joseph School uniform confirms your acceptance to our school; it is a symbol of unity within the school community. Data indicates that school uniforms minimize distractions in the learning process. It is important that you take pride in your appearance by wearing your complete uniform, always remembering that by wearing it, both in and our of school building, you are representing SJS; your behavior should be a credit to both yourself and our school community.

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WINTER UNIFORM: Our Winter Uniforms are worn from November through April.
GIRLS' Uniform Code:
Girls K-4 Plaid jumper, blue uniform shirt with round (Peter Pan) collar (long or short sleeve)
Girls 5-8: Plaid skirt, blue uniform blouse, pointed collar with school emblem
Girls K-8: All girls must wear navy blue knee-high socks or tights; white anklet socks are not permitted.
School Shoes: Brown or black penny loafers, blue or black Mary Janes are the uniform shoes.
Excessive jewelry is not permitted. Makeup is not allowed and only clear nail polish is permitted. Only one post-type earrings are permitted; large hoop or dangling earrings are not allowed.

BOYS' Uniform Code:
Boys K-4: Blue Polo shirt, (long or short sleeve) with school emblem and grey uniform dress pants. 
Boys 5-8: Blue dress shirt with school emblem and grey uniform dress pants, and an SJS uniform tie.
School Shoes: Brown or black penny loafers or black tie up oxford shoes only. 
Jewelry is not permitted.

All students: Sweater vest, zip cardigan sweater, 3⁄4 zip fleece, bearing the SJS emblem;
Girls K-4: button down cardigan uniform sweater.

SUMMER UNIFORM: Our Summer Uniforms are worn during September and October AND May and June.
Girls' Uniform Code:
Girls K-4: Blue, short sleeve knit Polo dress with school emblem and white socks
Girls 5-8: Plaid skirt or navy short, short sleeve blue Polo shirt with school emblem and white socks

Boys' Uniform Code:
Boys K-8: Blue short-sleeved knit Polo with school emblem, navy blue uniform shorts, and white socks.

Girls' and Boys' Physical Education Uniform:
Navy blue school uniform sweatshirt with emblem and sweatpants, navy blue
school uniform shorts, gray long or short sleeve shirt with school emblem and
sneakers. On the day children have PE, they may wear their PE uniform and sneakers.