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Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools (T.A.C.H.S.) 2021-2022

This year’s T.A.C.H.S. Test will once again be an online, at-home remote test to be held on Friday, November 5, 2021.  Students will be required to have a device that is equipped with a webcam and is compatible with Chrome browser along with access to the internet.  For security purposes, upon registration parents will be notified that their child will be recorded during the test and asked to sign or check an agreement. At the end of the test, flagged recordings  will be reviewed by a trained proctor for any suspicious activity.  Please be advised that the test will not be available for IPads and/or cell phones.

Registration will open on Monday, August 23rd  and run through Sunday, October 24th until 5PM.  Extended Time Applications along with the students IEP, IESP or 504 plan are due via email to  by October 8th.    Handbooks will be available in PDF Form only; no paper delivery will be made.  These will be available on July 30th on the T.A.C.H.S. website.

Applicant Records must be completed on the T.A.C.H.S. site by December 14th at 5PM.  The site will be shut down at this time and you will not be allowed to enter the site thereafter. Consequently you will need to physically mail applicant records to each high school which delays the admissions process.

If you are new this year, we strongly recommend you review the T.A.C.H.S. site to familiarize yourselves with the system requirements and  method of capturing high school choices.  It is imperative that you encourage your parents to frequently visit the  website for system check information, reminders, and updates. Please view the PDF forms below for more information.

T.A.C.H.S Forms